• Brazil and Mexico’s Heads of State, Resolve to “Strengthen Economic Cooperation”
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    Brazil and Mexico’s Heads of State, “Leftist Leaders of Latin America”,

    Resolve to “Strengthen Economic Cooperation”


    Brazil and Mexico’s Heads of State, “Leftist Leaders of Latin America”,

    Resolve to “Strengthen Economic Cooperation”


    “Had phone call with Mexican President Lopez Obrador…

    Will visit him as soon as possible", says Brazilian President Lula


    The heads of state of Brazil and Mexico, regarded as the two pillars of moderate leftist governments in Latin America (“pink tide”), are expected to seek strengthening of bilateral economic cooperation and make efforts to expand power.


    On March 1 (local time), Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil, and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico, had a phone conversation during which they agreed to discuss specific ways for economic cooperation.


    President Lula of Brazil announced this through a posting on social media.


    Today I had a conversation with the President of Mexico, said President Lula. He revealed that he had received an invitation from President Lopez Obrador of Mexico to visit Mexico.


    We will meet as soon as possible, he added.


    The last time the two leaders met face-to-face was in March of last year.


    President Lula, who had visited Mexico as the former President of Brazil, met with President Lopez Obrador at the Presidential Palace in Mexico City, and shared common values for the promotion of friendly relations


    At that time, Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico, praised President Lula on social media as brother, saying, We are one in the fight for equality and justice...We have one goal, which is to create positive change for the development and interest of the Latin American people.


    He reaffirmed the leftist coalition, saying that in the process of fighting for the people, political leaders (like Lula) stand sometimes against the conservatives and sometimes against oligarchies, and that he sympathized with them greatly.


    Mexican President Lopez Obrador had sent a congratulatory message to Brazilian President Lula for coming into power three times upon victory in last year’s presidential race. This year, immediately after riots broke out against the results of the Brazilian presidential election in January, President Lopez Obrador expressed his support by saying, President Lula is not alone. He has the support of his country, Mexico, the Americas, and progressives throughout the world.


    The Mexican President maintains high approval ratings throughout his term, and is using the effects of U.S. nearshoring to the fullest extent. The Brazilian President has heightened his country’s international standing through practical diplomacy. Both are considered to have exceptional political skills and outstanding leadership.


    In such a situation, the two summits are expected to actively use the heightened tensions between the U.S. and China, and to work closely together to increase influence by mustering Latin American power.


    (Mexico City ? Yonhap News)

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