2023 Bangkok K-Premium Show

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For two days from Thursday, November 9 to Friday, November 10, the Korea International Trade Association (KITA, Chairman Christopher Koo) held the 2023 Bangkok K-Premium Show at the Centara Grand Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand, in connection with K-EXPO Thailand 2023. 


The K-Premium Show is an exhibition of high quality Korean products, held each year by KITA in strategic markets for export expansion for the purpose of providing full-fledged support for recovery of exports. It has been held in Japan (Tokyo, May), France (Paris, May), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, June), Indonesia (Jakarta, September), and has also been expanded to Thailand (Bangkok, November) this year.


At this year’s K-Premium Show, forty companies attended, which included top Korean SMEs and brandname companies that are attaining popularity in the Southeast Asian region, such as in beauty, food and household goods.