• The Apas Show, South America’s Largest Food & Beverage Fair
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    South Americas Largest Food & Beverage Fair,

    the Apas Show, is held in Brazil

    "Korean Fruit Beverages are ‘the Best’”


    South America’s Largest Food & Beverage Fair,

    the Apas Show, is held in Brazil…

    “Korean Fruit Beverages are ‘the Best’”


    In Sao Paulo, Brazil, Korean fruit beverages attracted much attention as the Apas Show, the largest food & beverage fair in the South American region, was held.


    The Apas Show, which was the 37th Apas Show this year, was launched on May 15 and was conducted for a total of 4 days until the 18th. Approximately 850 companies from around the world participated.


    Other than famous food & beverage companies, country pavilions were established by Korea, Argentina, Mexico, Columbia, etc., and each presented various food & beverage products from their countries.


    At the Korea Pavilion, which was set up hosted by Sao Paulo’s Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation, 6 Korean food & beverage companies participated, including Manjun and Jio-En, and presented Korea food products that are marketable in South America, such as fruit beverages, seaweed products and snacks.


    The Korea Pavilion captured visitors’ interest as tasting events were held, as well as cooking classes for making bulgo-gi and soju-based cocktails.


    Chung Yoo-Sun, head of the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporations Sao Paulo office, said, At this years fair, beverages with fruit pieces that can be chewed on like grapes and pears, as well as kombucha tea with variety of flavors are especially popular... Korean companies that participated in last year’s fair were able to attain deals worth USD 24 million based on on-site trade meetings, and we are hopeful that there will be good results this year as well.”


    The host of this fair revealed that about 120,000 visitors came to the fair this year, and through it, a transaction size of about BRL 14 billion would be agreed upon. 


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