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Amorepacific R&D Innovation Challenge
2020-06-25 hit 243
Amorepacific R&D Innovation Challenge
Amorepacific R&D Innovation Challenge
Amorepacific R&D Innovation Challenge

 The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) announced that Simplex and two other companies were chosen as primary partner companies for Amorepacific during the “Amorepacific R&D Innovation Challenge” held on June 25th.

Amorepacific conducted 1:1 meet-ups on June 18th with seven promising startups in five fields including ▲ materials (natural materials, ecofriendly raw materials, etc) ▲ sustainable packaging (biodegradable, plastic-free, etc) ▲ microbiome (human-dwelling microorganisms and genetic information) ▲ digitals (wearables, augmented reality, etc) ▲ devices (massagers, patches, etc)

The seven startups were chosen from 126 startups recruited at this event through “Inobranch,” KITA’s open innovation platform that includes 50 domestic and overseas enterprises and 8500 startups.



CEO Cho Sung-jin of Simplex is presenting at “Amorepacific R&D Challenge.”

(from third left) CEO Kim Han-su of Bareun, Chief Director Lee Dong-gi of KITA Innovation and Startup Group, R&D Director Park Young-ho of Amorepacific, CEO Cho Sung-jin of Simplex





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