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Assistance with Trade Industry Air Transportation and Special Entry of Business Members via Chartere
2020-04-29 hit 572
2020-04-29 전세기 활용 기업인 특별입국 및 업계 항공운송 지원-11.jpg
2020-04-29 전세기 활용 기업인 특별입국 및 업계 항공운송 지원-17.jpg
2020-04-29 전세기 활용 기업인 특별입국 및 업계 항공운송 지원-16.jpg
2020-04-29 전세기 활용 기업인 특별입국 및 업계 항공운송 지원-8.jpg


The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) and the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy sent two special chartered passenger/cargo flights to Chongqing, China and Jakarta, Indonesia on April 29th for Korean exporting companies experiencing difficulties with air transportation due to COVID-19.

The flight to Chongqing was loaded with 18 tons of products from 26 Korean companies that export and import semiconductor related materials, while the flight bound for Jakarta had 16 tons of cargo including air purifiers, textiles, and COVID-19 test kits.

KITA Chairman Kim Young-ju, who observed the departure of the flights at the Incheon International Airport, made a remark, “We were able to schedule special chartered flights as a result of our effort to inform the government to have proactive discussions about surged export troubles our companies are experiencing in terms of air transportation.” He added, “We will provide full support for the expansion of exports by cooperating with exporting companies, trade-related organizations, and the government.”

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