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Launching of the “KITA Big-Buyer Club Online Consultation Conference”
2020-03-11 hit 1040
2020-03-11 KITA빅바이어클럽 연계 온라인 화상상담회-2.jpg
2020-03-11 KITA빅바이어클럽 연계 온라인 화상상담회-5.jpg
2020-03-11 KITA빅바이어클럽 연계 온라인 화상상담회-3.jpg
 The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) held “The 1st KITA Big Buyer Club Affiliated On-line Video Conference” on March 11th at KITA Business Center located in the basement of the Trade Tower in Samsung-dong. The conference is scheduled to be held bi-weekly indefinitely until the COVID-19 situation winds down and offline marketing business such as international/domestic exhibitions and conferences is normalized.


At the first conference, five big buyers - China’s largest distributor TSL Vanguard, Japan’s second largest distribution corporate Ion Group’s Malay corporate, Indonesian home shopping and online mall operator Dimarco Mitra Utama, China’s 7th largest department corporate Rainbow Department, and Chengde’s No.1 supermarket franchise Chengde Kuanguang Supermarket Group - participated in this event and conducted an 8-hour-long video conference with over 20 domestic consumer goods and food exporters

KITA Regional Directors Video Conference
Courtesy Call by Xing Haiming, the Newly Appointed Chinese Ambassador to Korea
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