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KITA - Socar Start-up Testbed Cooperation MOU Signed
2020-02-20 hit 1007
2020-02-20 무협-쏘카 스타트업 테스트베드 MOU-11.jpg
2020-02-20 무협-쏘카 스타트업 테스트베드 MOU-9.jpg
2020-02-20 무협-쏘카 스타트업 테스트베드 MOU-10.jpg
 The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) and Socar (CEO: Lee Jae-woong) signed “Start-up Testbed Cooperation MOU” on February 20th at COEX in Samsung-dong. Over ten people including Chief Lee Dong-ki of KITA Innovation Startup Group, CTO Won Jong-pil of Socar.

Both organizations agreed on ▲ cooperative promotion regarding startup testbed ▲ connections to domestic/overseas testbeds in need of Socar solution ▲ cooperative business of both organizations.

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