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Welcome Banquet with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven Hosted by the Five Economic Organizations
2019-12-19 hit 967
2019-12-19 스테판 뢰벤 스웨덴 총리 초청 경제5단체 주최 환영만찬-22.jpg
2019-12-19 스테판 뢰벤 스웨덴 총리 초청 경제5단체 주최 환영만찬-6.jpg
2019-12-19 스테판 뢰벤 스웨덴 총리 초청 경제5단체 주최 환영만찬-9.jpg
2019-12-19 스테판 뢰벤 스웨덴 총리 초청 경제5단체 주최 환영만찬-16.jpg
2019-12-19 스테판 뢰벤 스웨덴 총리 초청 경제5단체 주최 환영만찬-24.jpg

The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju), along with the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business, the Federation of Korean Industries, and the Federations of Middle Market Enterprises of Korea, hosted a welcome banquet for Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven on his official visit to Korea.


Over 130 individuals from Sweden attended the event including Prime Minister Sefan Lofven, Minister Anna Hallberg of Foreign Trade and Nordic Cooperation, government officials, Chairman Marcus Wallenberg of SEB Group, and staff from Swedish global corporates such as Ericsson, Astrazeneca, SAAB, Scania, Spotify attended the event. From Korea, over 70 economic figures including Chairman Kim Young-ju of Korea, Vice Chairman Kim Jun-dong of KCCI, Vice Chairman Ban Won-ik of KFSMB, and Chairman Lee Dong-geol of KDB attended the event.


Chairman Kim Young-ju of KITA said in his opening speech, “Swedish businesses possess creative technology and trust, while Korean businesses are capable of adjusting to changes with its sound manufacturing industry.” He also emphasized, “If we expand the two countries’ cooperation, we can establish an innovative ecosystem that could constantly discover and foster businesses with global competitiveness.”

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