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Korea-Turkmenistan Business Forum
2019-02-22 한-투르크메니스탄 비즈니스 포럼-14.jpg
2019-02-22 한-투르크메니스탄 비즈니스 포럼-8.jpg
2019-02-22 한-투르크메니스탄 비즈니스 포럼-19.jpg
2019-02-22 한-투르크메니스탄 비즈니스 포럼-23.jpg

The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Young-Ju Kim) co-hosted ‘Korea-Turkmenistan Business Forum’ with the Turkmenistan Chamber of Commerce at Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong on February 22nd.


This forum, which was held concurrently with the 7th Korea-Turkmenistan Economic Joint Committee Meeting, discussed expansion plans in terms of infrastructure, resource development, and construction as well as prospective areas of cooperation while Hajymyart Hydaygulyyev the Turkmenian Deputy Minister of Ministry of Industry and Communication, Chairman Sang-Rok Sung (also the CEO of Hyundai Engineering) of the Korea-Turkmenistan Private and Public Joint Committee, and 100 others from the both countries’ public agencies and corporations were attending the forum.

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