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The 1st Conference of 2019 Trade Industry Forum
2019-01-23 hit 586
2019-01-23 2019년 통상산업포럼 1차 회의-10.jpg
2019-01-23 2019년 통상산업포럼 1차 회의-5.jpg
2019-01-23 2019년 통상산업포럼 1차 회의-7.jpg
2019-01-23 2019년 통상산업포럼 1차 회의-13.jpg


The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Young-Ju Kim) and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy together hosted the first conference of ‘2019 Trade Industry Forum’ on January 23rd at the Trade Tower in Samsung-dong.


At this conference, led by both Vice Chairman Jin-Hyun Han of KITA and Deputy Minister Yong-Rae Kim, over 20 attendees from automobile and parts industry, industrial associations, and academia discussed automobile industry related issues and countermeasure strategies.



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