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New Southern Business Confederation Inauguration Ceremony
2019-01-24 hit 535
2019-01-24 신남방 비즈니스 연합회 출범식-23.jpg
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2019-01-24 신남방 비즈니스 연합회 출범식-30.jpg
2019-01-24 신남방 비즈니스 연합회 출범식-14.jpg

“New Southern Business Confederation,” joined by over 21 economic organizations, industrial associations, and public support institutions to assist domestic corporations’ new southern expansion, held an inauguration ceremony on January 24th at Seoul the Plaza Hotel.



Chairman Young-Ju Kim of KITA was selected as the head of New Southern Business Confederation and is giving an inauguration and greeting speech.


Committee President Hyun-Cheol Kim of New Southern Business Confederation is giving a congratulatory speech.



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