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The Second Half of the Year Workshop for Trade Field Mentoring & Consulting Committee
2018-09-03 hit 498
2018-09-03 수출현장 MC위원 하반기 워크샵-14.jpg
2018-09-03 수출현장 MC위원 하반기 워크샵-8.jpg
2018-09-03 수출현장 MC위원 하반기 워크샵-13.jpg

The Korea International Trade Association held ‘KITA Trade Field Mentoring & Consulting Committee’ on September 3rd at the Trade Center in Samsung-dong, Seoul.




Vice Chairman Jin-Hyun Han of KITA is taking a commemorative photo with the Trade Field MC (Mentoring & Consulting) Committee whose members are trade experts with over 30 years of experience.

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