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CSR Activities with KITA and its member companies
2017-04-25 회원사 물품기증 사회공헌활동-강남장애인복지관-10.jpg
2017-04-25 회원사 물품기증 사회공헌활동-강남장애인복지관-9.jpg

The Korea International Trade Association (President Kim In-ho) announced that this year’s social contribution activities will be start with donating goods to the Social Welfare Foundation with its member companies.

The Korea International Trade Association (KITA), which has been offering warmth to the disadvantaged at every Chuseok and at the end of each year, will expand their program to "CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility" from this year. It plans to deliver the donated goods and any services from the trade industry to the Social welfare foundations and the Welfare facilities by opening the donation program throughout the year.

For the first activity, the KITA visited the Gangnam welfare foundation on May 25th, as the May so called the month of the family, with the beverages and cooling bags donated by Taewoong Food (Co., Ltd.) and LOL (Co., Ltd).

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