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The 53rd Trade Day Commemoration
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The 53rd Trade Day Commemoration Ceremony was held at 10 A.M. on Monday, December 5th, at COEX in Samsung-dong with over 1,400 attendees present including Prime Minister Gyo-Ahn Hwang, Minister Hyung-Hwan Joo of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, Chairman In-Ho Kim of the KITA, and various officials from trade-related organizations and the government.

Held by the KITA and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, the event was a meaningful chance to offer encouragement to traders who have been working hard despite the difficult circumstances caused by low economic growth and weakening leading industries.

During the event, 15 men of merits including CEO Jong-Park Moon of Hyundai Oil Bank Inc., CEO Gwi-Young Lee of DY Auto Inc., CEO Geun-Jo Lim of ST Pharm Inc. (Gold Monument Industry Medal up to here), CEO Jong-Sun Kim of Dae Sun International Inc., Global CEO Liu Peng of Tmall of Alibaba Group (Silver Monument up to here), CEO Jung-Hee Shin of INT Inc. (Bronze Monument) had an honor of being awarded on the podium on behalf of 760 men of merits.

Meanwhile, 15 corporates including Hanhwa Total Inc. which has won the 5-Billion-Dollar Monument, Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. which has won the 1-Billion-Dollar Monument, Seoyon Ehwa Inc. which has won 500-Thousand-Dollar Monument, and Toshiba Electronic Korea Inc. which has won 400-Thousand-Dollar Monument were awarded on the podium on behalf of total 1,209 Export Monument award-winning export companies.


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