• KITA hosts Korea-Canada Business Roundtable
    2022-11-28 hit 1211

    KITA hosts Korea-Canada Business Roundtable

    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Christopher Koo) and the Canadian Embassy to Korea co-hosted a roundtable between Korea and Canada to seek opportunities for bilateral business cooperation. The roundtable was organized in conjunction with a visit to Korea made by Francois-Philippe Champagne - the Canadian Federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. Along with the Minister, the Canadian government’s delegation, including Tamara Mawhinney, Charge d'Affaires a. i. at the Canadian Embassy to Korea, Sebastien Lemire, a member of the House of Commons of Canada, and representatives from six Canadian companies specializing in battery materials, battery recycling, automotive parts, nano processing technology and music-based media production participated in the roundtable.

    Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne mentioned, “As this year has seen a summit meeting between leaders of Canada and Korea and next year will witness a celebration of the 60th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries, the Government of Canada looks forward to deepening ties with Korea in the future.” The Minister specially highlighted, “Canada is a nation that is blessed with reserves of all core minerals that are needed to produce batteries and is also one of a dozen of major global hydrogen energy producers” and added, “We wish Korean companies to come to Canada to do business and cooperate with Canadian companies.”

    In his welcome remarks, Marnki Jeong, the Vice Chairman of KITA, mentioned, “The relation between Korea and Canada has been elevated to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with the summit meeting held in September this year.” He also said, “Let us engage in strong collaboration to overcome global supply chain risks by expanding cooperation into the renewable energy and hydrogen sectors.” The roundtable was attended by representatives of 17 prominent Korean companies in the fields of renewable energy, biotechnology, aerospace industry, artificial intelligence, and information technology. Some notable companies include Samsung C&T, SK Inc., Hyundai Engineering, Hyundai Corporation, Hanwha Solutions, POSCO International, Yuhan Corporation, People and Technology (PNT), HANCOMinSPACE, Kakao Enterprise Corp., and Krafton Inc.

    Representatives of companies who attended the roundtable shared their ongoing business activities in Canada and Samsung C&T was one of those companies to have an opportunity to present its projects to attendees. A representative from Samsung C&T delivered a presentation on its 1,300-megawatt (MW) wind and solar power facility currently being operated in the province of Ontario and another project to build a facility for solar power and energy storage, which is scheduled to be completed by September 2023. The representative mentioned, “We would like to ask the Canadian government to be more engaged in the future to provide support in order to materialize a wide array of innovative clean tech projects, including an expansion of cities aimed at achieving energy autonomy, by taking advantage of green hydrogen and renewable energy.”

    A representative of HANCOMinSPACE, which established a joint venture with a Canadian company Infiniti Optics, shared a business model with attendees, which was realized by combining the strengths of the two companies. The representative highlighted the company’s excellence in its software and AI technologies and Infiniti Optics’ long-range surveillance technology and said, “I sincerely wish that Korea and Canada can work together to create new business models in various sectors.”

    [This news is provided by Korea Trade News]



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