• KITA hosted a virtual export fair in conjunction with “Smart Factory+Automation World 2021”
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    KITA hosted a virtual export fair in conjunction with “Smart Factory+Automation World 2021”


    Potential buyers from 26 companies from ten countries, including Japan and Singapore

    Targeted to maximize synergy of overseas marketing by mixing a specialized exhibition and an export fair

    Linking the specialized exhibition and business meeting to maximize International marketing effect


    Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Christopher Koo) hosted a virtual export fair on September 8th at COEX in Samseong-dong to facilitate greater export of SMEs specializing in smart production technologies, automation equipment and automation parts.


    This export fair was held as a hybrid event by combining “Smart Factory+Automation World 2021” ? the biggest fair in both Korea and in Asia, which focuses on smart factories and the automation industry. 69 Korean SMEs specializing in industry-purpose parts, equipment and technologies, such as robot systems, factory automation equipment and smart equipment, and 26 buyers from ten countries, including Japan and Singapore participated in this export fair for virtual business talks.


    Major suppliers of industry equipment manufacturers and distributors, such as the Chinese investment corporation of Leoni Group from Germany, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial cables, CNPC Group ? the largest Chinese firm specializing in petrochemical product equipment and Hung Phat ? the largest Vietnamese company specializing in the nation-wide distribution of electronic parts for imported automobiles, participated in the event.


    A smart factory refers to an intelligent production factory that improves productivity, quality and customer satisfaction by incorporating digital automation solutions and information communications technologies across the production cycle - designing, development, manufacturing, delivery and distribution. The global smart factory & automation industry is a sector earning greater attention with the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. This sector is posting fast growth with high potential and major technology powerhouses, such as the China, Germany, Japan, and the U.S. are pushing forward innovation in its manufacturing sector.


    Kim Hyun-Chul, the Executive Director of Global Marketing Group of KITA expressed satisfaction of this year’s event by mentioning, “We are receiving positive feedback from buyers as we have organized a virtual export fair as a hybrid event this year, in conjunction with specialized exhibitions on cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, industrial equipment and parts.” He also stressed, “We will continuously create opportunities to offer hybrid export fairs held along with specialized exhibitions by cooperating with domestic exhibition hosts, such as COEX, and will also invest efforts to buttress solid growth of our companies.”


    U.S. Dept. of Commerce states, "Cooperation benefits both countries in chip industry"
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