• KITA-E1 to Design Future Charging Stations with Startups
    2021-05-31 hit 268

    KITA-E1 to Design Future Charging Stations with Startups


    - Seeking new business ideas such as non-face-to-face order and payment, artificial intelligence (AI) call center, and utilization of space at charging stations -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Christopher Koo) and E1, a leading energy company in Korea, co-hosted the “E1-Korean Startups Open Innovation Final Presentation’ at LS Yongsan Tower on May 28th with a view to finding innovative startups that will be able to design the future of charging stations together.


    Five startups that managed to break through the competition of 10:1 including document screening and preliminary round participated in the final presentation on the day.


    These startups proposed collaborative models and new businesses tailored for E1 such as non-face-to-face ordering and payment system (i-Synapse), artificial intelligence (AI)-based integrated call center and marketing platform (Skelter Labs), unstaffed store utilizing charging station space (Smart Cube), car washing (Team Wiper), and general vehicle management system (Autocarz).


    E1 plans to conduct on-site Proof of Concept (PoC) in various fields with competitive startups and give positive consideration to joint R&D, investment, and technology alliances for the future. The Korea International Trade Association will examine the likelihood of overseas test bed business with the startups who participated in the final competition and investment support for them and give extra points when supporting startups' overseas expansion voucher projects.


    Lee Dong-ki, head of Innovation and Startup Group at the Korea International Trade Association, said, “In order to achieve the results of open innovation, it is necessary to recognize the differences between large companies and startups and invest a lot of resources and time to fill them,” and added, “The International Trade Association will play a role as a strong bridge between large companies and startups, and will strive to expand various collaborations beyond the size and industry of companies.”

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