• KITA CEO Breakfast Seminar... “Predict Uncertain Future with STEPPER”
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    KITA CEO Breakfast Seminar... “Predict Uncertain Future with STEPPER”


    - President Lee Kwang-hyung of KAIST advised ways to predict the future in the era of digital transformation -


     The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Christopher Koo) held the '151st KITA CEO Breakfast Seminar' online on May 26th and proposed ways for Korean companies to forecast the future in the era of digital transformation.


     President Lee Kwang-hyung of KAIST participated in the seminar as a speaker to introduce 'Ways to Predict the Future' and stated, "In order to predict the uncertain future, we need to focus on 'STEPPER', the 7 key drivers that affect the future."


     STEPPER is an acronym for seven elements: Society, Technology, Environment, Population, Politics, Economy, and Resource. When forecasting the future, specification based on these seven criteria is helpful to make a clearer prediction rather than looking into the whole thing at a time.


     For example, when it comes to technology, you can predict future directions in technology development and the ways to introduce related technologies of Korean companies. In terms of resources, you can anticipate Korean companies' resource utilization potential and future resource availability.


     President Lee said, “If you concretize the future by criteria, it will help you set clearer goals and execute them strategically,” and stressed, “Among the seven factors, the two most important principles that change the future are ‘human’ and ‘technology’. Understanding the market as well as employees of companies, and anticipating technological changes are key factors for long-term survival of businesses.”


    The Korea International Trade Association holds a monthly KITA CEO breakfast seminar by inviting chief executive officers from the trading industry and share insights on each field, including economy, management, and humanities. For any inquiries regarding annual breakfast seminar  membership and program, please contact the Korea International Trade Association (1566-5114).

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