• KITA and Hana Bank Signed Agreement to Provide Financial Assistance for Import and Export of Its Mem
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    KITA and Hana Bank Signed Agreement to Provide Financial Assistance for Import and Export of Its Members

    - Member companies will enjoy preferential overseas remittance fees and exchange rates, and guarantee fees will be provided for collateralized loans -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Christopher Koo) announced that it signed a business agreement with Hana Bank (President: Park Sung-ho) on April 20th for financial support for import and export of its member companies.


    With this agreement, Hana Bank will provide various financial benefits for members of the Korea International Trade Association from the middle of May. First of all, the member companies of the Korea International Trade Association that make new foreign exchange transactions with Hana Bank will be able to enjoy ▲ preferential charges for Letter of Credit opening and underwriting fees as well as ▲ discounted exchange rates for overseas remittances in dollar, yen, and euro. Moreover, when collateralized loans are made through the Korea Trade Insurance Corporation guarantee, ▲ guarantee fee for Hana Bank's “With Loan Export Finance” will be additionally waived.


    In addition, the issuance of the “KITA Membership Card,” which supports the association's annual membership fee (150,000 won) when spending more than 30 million won per year, was linked with the financial benefits of Hana Bank. When a new member of the Korea International Trade Association who is making a new foreign exchange transaction issues “Hana KITA Membership Corporate Card,” additional benefits such as ▲ preferential exchange rates for overseas money transfer and ▲ overseas remittance fee exemption (three times a month) will be given.


    Phone consultations will be available at the nearest Hana Bank branch for inquiries regarding financial partnership services with Hana Bank after the middle of May. For inquiries regarding issuance of KITA Membership Cards, please contact the Korea International Trade Association’s Call Center (1566-5114).


    Kim Byung-yoo, head of Membership Affairs Department at the Korea International Trade Association, said “We hope that this agreement will be helpful to relieve the financial burden of the trade industry, which is struggling with COVID-19 crisis.”

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