• KITA Expands ‘Video Conference with Big Buyers’
    2020-03-25 hit 1697

    KITA Expands ‘Video Conference with Big Buyers’

    - COVID-19 prevention measures such as placing thermal imaging cameras, checking body temperature, wearing face masks, etc. were fully practiced -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) held The 2nd KITA Online Video Conference with Big Buyer Club on March 25th at Startup Branch located on the second floor of COEX in Samseong-dong. 


    In this conference, in addition to the KITA Big Buyer Club, the number of participating buyers remarkably increased to 29, utilizing the database (DB) of 1.85 million buyers registered on tradeKorea, global e-marketplace run by the Korea International Trade Association, and overseas branch networks. 35 Korean companies also participated.


    In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to the Korean business people and officials participating in the online video conference, the Korea International Trade Association placed the thermal imaging camera at the entrance and only allowed the individuals who checked body temperature to enter. The participants wore face masks throughout the event, and used hand sanitizers available everywhere.


    The major buyers who participated in the video conference were, China's second largest e-commerce company, Vanguard Group, one of the China's top three retailers, Saigon Co.op, one of the Vietnam's top three retail groups, Sasa Cosmetics, Hong Kong and Asia's largest beauty retailer, Aeon Topvalu, Japan-based department store which has some 60 distribution outlets in Malaysia, and Grupo Elektra, which operates more than 2,500 home appliance stores in Latin America.


    HuYinJun, the purchasing manager of China’s Kang Cheng Investment, who distributes snacks such as chocolate, said, We are having difficulties not only in China but also sourcing overseas products due to the spread of COVID-19, and added, As Korea and China are close economic partners, we hope that the two countries will overcome the difficulties through this event.


    Kim Hyun-chul, head of Global Marketing Group at the Korea International Trade Association, said, Currently, as the coronavirus is spreading in Korea’s major export destinations such as the United States and Europe, it is not easy to consult with new buyers or negotiate with the existing buyers, and stressed, We will support the export industry by intensively holding video conferences and online seminars until the situation stabilizes.


    The Korea International Trade Association’s video conference is a series event held every two weeks. It will take place without break until the COVID-19 outbreak calms down and the offline marketing businesses get back to normal. Interpretation is provided free of charge to the companies participating in consultations, and overseas shipping costs of sample products are also provided to the companies that are expected to have positive consultation results. Apply for participation on the website of the Korea International Trade Association (

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