• Need to Make Early Entry into China’s Food Waste Disposal Market
    2020-01-28 hit 1448

    Need to Make Early Entry into China’s Food Waste Disposal Market


    - KITA analyzed China’s food waste disposal market Korean companies have advantage as they have various types of devices -


    Since the awareness level of food waste disposal system among Chinese people is still low, it is argued that Korea needs to make inroads into China as soon as possible and preoccupy the market.


    According to a report titled China’s Green Market, Preoccupy the Food Waste Disposal Market issued by the Chengdu branch of the Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) on January 28th, China is planning to establish garbage sorting systems in 46 major cities, including Beijing and Shanghai and to establish a garbage classification and disposal system in all 297 provincial and prefectural-level cities by 2025.

    In particular, for food waste, which accounts for 59 percent of household waste, bones and seeds should be sorted as dry waste, food and meat should be separated into wet waste. However, in the areas that are not familiar with waste sorting, or in the areas where waste sorting has not been carried out, food and other wastes are often discarded together or bones are crushed by food waste disposal device and sent to sewers.


    The report stated, "Considering the strong will of China in recent years, such as imposing fines for violations of waste sorting, these routines will also improve rapidly once the policy is extended to the local provinces," and added, "If regulations on food waste disposal equipment are in line with the policy, there will be a big change in the food waste disposal market with a potential of 110 billion yuan."



    Unlike China, which only has food waste disposal pulverizers, Korean companies have developed various types of food waste disposal machines such as dry pulverizers, pulverizers, driers and food waste treatment device utilizing microorganisms. Therefore, Korean companies are highly likely to have opportunities to preoccupy waste sorting and food waste disposal markets in China.


    Ko Beom-seok, the head of KITA’s Chengdu Branch, said, According to the survey conducted by our branch, Chinese people’s preferred food waste disposal ways were dry pulverizer (32%), pulverizer (26%), treatment utilizing microorganisms (26%) and dryer (14%). He added, It will be worth a try for Korean companies to make inroads into the market in the early stage with marketing strategies for various types of machines and low prices.” 

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