• KITA Begins ‘My Trade’ Service
    2019-09-16 hit 910

    KITA Begins ‘My Trade’ Service


    - From 17th It provides customized information such as the company’s export status, promising market, rival countries, etc. -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-ju) started the implementation of ‘My Trade’, trade information service customized for each company, on September 17th.


    'My Trade' is a service that provides customized essential information to individual company by selecting, analyzing and processing KITA’s trade information such as trade data and reports, and the projects supported by KITA. The member companies are also provided with KITA’s own information such as import and export performance data and application details for the projects. 


    This service is available via a banner on the top right corner of the KITA’s website ( or a link in the recommendation service.


    The 'company information', a member only service, provides the company’s trade status, such as trading countries, items, and import and export trends, that are difficult to identify without its own system. Moreover, it is possible to compare the import and export performance and growth rate of other domestic companies that have the same trading countries and items, so that the company’s objective position can be identified.


    The 'Customized Trade Information' menu recommends the most promising markets by counting each country’s gross domestic product (GDP), population, credit rating, import volume, share and tax rate if you enter only 6 digits of the HS (The International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System) code of the item that you wish to export. Information on competitors, market shares of the competitors and Korea in the recommended market is also available.


    'Recommended Services' recommends information on items and countries of interest selecting from the 1200 annual projects supported by the export-related organizations. It also shows 73 MC (Mentoring & Consulting) expert members who have been in charge of overseas marketing for more than 30 years in the field of trade, 306 specialized trade agencies for imports and exports, relevant human resources and training information.


    Park Gang-pyo, head of Trade Big Data Deparment, said ‘My Trade’ utilizes import and export data from 58 countries all over the world, which takes up 94 percent of Korea’s export destinations. He added, Since it provides specialized information of each company, it will greatly reduce the cost of market research for the companies with little experiences and the companies seeking market diversification.


    Starting with ‘My Trade’, the Korea International Trade Association plans to advance big data analysis and utilization methods, including the development of trade big data platforms and service models, etc. 




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