• K-wave Star Samuel Becomes PR Ambassador of Kmall24
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    K-wave Star Samuel Becomes PR Ambassador of Kmall24



    A Korean pop idol singer Samuel was recently appointed as the first PR Ambassador of Kmall24, an online platform run by the Korea International Trade Association.


    Kmall24 is an online shopping mall for overseas consumers direct purchase of Korean products and consumers from more than 70 countries access Kmall24 every year.


    Samuel will actively carry out PR activities starting with an interview and filming on 8th so that the K-wave fans around the world can learn about the quality products of Korean companies through Kmall24.

     Samuel has become a star via a famous audition show in Korea and is one of a few Korean stars who have more than one million followers respectively in Instagram and Weibo, which are the most popular social media in English and Chinese. Recently he has won the final in the China Web Entertainment Competition.


    Samuel said, "Kmall24 and I have similarities. Kmall24 advertises excellent products of Korea to all over the world and I let the world know the charming Korean popular culture." He also expressed, I feel grave responsibility l as the first PR ambassador of KMall24 and I will do my best.


     Shin Sun-young, the head of B2C Service Department of the Korea International Trade Association, said, In reality, it is difficult for inexperienced online exporters to concentrate on overseas marketing needs as they lack dedicated personnel. She stressed, We will advertise the high quality Korean products and achieve good results with the well-recognized K-wave stars abroad and an online platform Kmall24.



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