• KITA Held ‘Business Matching Consultations between Domestic Demand-Bound Companies and Overseas
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    KITA  Held ‘Business Matching Consultations between Domestic Demand-Bound Companies  and Overseas Companies in Korea’  


    -  Supported domestic demand-oriented companies such as cosmetics and medical  devices to make inroads into overseas markets for the first time  -


    The  Korea International Trade Association (chairman, Kim Young-joo) held '2018  Business Matching Consultation Meeting for Korean and Overseas Companies' at  COEX, Samseong-dong, on October 18, in partnership with Gangnam Global Business  Center of the Seoul Business Agency.



    This  meeting was designed to support procurement of Korean products for foreign  companies as well as Korean companies’ sales channels in overseas markets. 14  companies from 9 countries, including France, Canada, China and Japan,  participated in the event and carried out 110 consultations with 55 Korean small  and medium-sized companies dealing with cosmetics, consumer goods and medical  devices focusing on domestic market.



    The  overseas companies  that source Korean products and export to their home countries were very  interested in highly competitive Korean products such as functional cosmetics.  Also, Korean companies actively consulted with anticipation about securing  distribution channels in various regions such as China and Europe.



    A  small company’s CEO who participated in  the consultation meeting said, "It was possible to have more in-depth  negotiations because we were able to grasp basic information about the company  and products in advance through pre-matching service.” He also said, "I expect  to see more opportunities for export beginners that are domestic market-oriented  to make inroads into new overseas markets."



    Kim  Jung-soo, head of Member Support Department at the Korea International Trade  Association, said, "We expect that the domestic demand-oriented companies and  the unexperienced exporters will be able to achieve their first exports  utilizing the foreign companies’ overseas networks.” He added, "We will continue  to hold business matching consultations for the small and medium-sized companies  in the future."



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