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  • Korean Drama Commerce to Target Chinese Market

    Korean Drama Commerce to Target Chinese Market


    - KITA’s Kmall24 provides one stop export supports from exposures in dramas and

    promotion to online sales - 


    Kmall24, Korea-based online sales platform for international customers, run by the Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-joo), supports the Korean small and medium-sized companies to make inroads into the Chinese consumer goods market by utilizing a new export model called 'Korean Drama Commerce' and it has received much attention.


    Korean Drama Commerce is a new concept marketing strategy to expose certain products in dramas and sell the products on online platforms by utilizing the dramas’ copyrights and portrait rights of actors. Last year, the organization supported raise brand awareness and sales of small businesses by exposing fashion bags and hats through the main actress in a drama titled ' Hello, My Twenties! 2’. Recently, the character dolls and accessories of the main character in a popular drama titled 'A Korean Odyssey', have been widely advertised in the Chinese market. In the case of the Son Goku Punchmong, which was exposed in 'A Korean Odyssey', more than 3,500 dolls were sold through word-of-mouth centered on the fan cafe of the actors in China.


    Shin Sun-young, the head of B2C Service Department at the Korea International Trade Association, said, While the Product Placement (PPL) was a simple promotional strategy to expose products in dramas, Korean Drama Commerce is a promotion and sales strategy to make product exposures in dramas to lead sales. In the past, even though Korean dramas were popular in China and other countries, it was not directly linked to the sales expansion due to the issues of drama copyrights and the portrait rights of starring actors. There were also continuous problems with illegal distribution or fake goods as there were no official sales channels. Korean Drama Commerce is complementary to those problems. 


    The Korea International Trade Association is currently promoting and selling Korean companies' products that have appeared in the Korean dramas to Chinese consumers through Kmall24 and Tmall, China's largest online platform. In particular, the organization is maximizing the impact by practicing Baidu search engine marketing while the dramas are airing and Wang Hong (Power Blogger in Chinese Version), which refers to Internet stars in China,  viral marketing, simultaneously.

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