• 30th Chairmen Group of KITA Officially Launched
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    30th Chairmen Group of KITA Officially Launched

    - Pledged to make innovative growth in trade industry and create jobs by preemptively responding to the 4th industrial revolution -



    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-joo) officially launched the 30th group of chairmen on April 13. In the inaugural ceremony held at the Trade Tower in Samseong-dong, Seoul, 26 leaders including chairman Kim Young-joo of the Korea International Trade Association, chairman Han Joon-ho of Samchully, Chairman Ku Ja-yong of E1 and chairman Park Jung-boo of Hanwell participated.


    The 30th chairmen group of KITA consists of chairman Kin Young-joo, vice-chairman Han Jin-hyun, and 29 non-standing vice-chairmen. The seven members, including chairman Kwak Jae-sun of KG group, chairman Han Young-soo of Hanyoung Nux, and chairman Park joo-bong of Daejoo·KC, newly joined the group.


    The chairmen group of KITA will participate in key decision making processes regarding the management of the organization and deliberate businesses. At the same time, it will function as a means of collecting opinions and representing interests of the trade industry through the activities like finding out difficulties and proposing policies. In particular, in order to lead the 4th industrial revolution era and strengthen its pivotal role in the trade industry, leading venture companies for new growth and convergence industries, medium-sized enterprises of each industry, and local exporters newly joined the group.


    The chairmen group said in the meeting, “Based on our business management know-how in each field, we will make every effort to strengthen the innovative growth engine through trading and to represent member companies’ interests, without sparing advice on the direction of the association.

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