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  • Digital Innovation and Cloud Service in Companies’ Success Stories

    Digital Innovation and Cloud Service in Companies’ Success Stories


    - KITA will hold seminars on ICT for digital innovation from today -



    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-joo) will hold three seminars on 'ICT for Digital Innovation in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution' between April 11 and June in cooperation with Amazon Web Services (AWS).


    The first seminar on April 11 will introduce the latest trends in e-commerce, digital innovation success stories, and innovations utilizing Cloud. The seminar in May will show digital innovation and IT utilization in the manufacturing sector, and in June it will present the successful cases of Cloud introduction and how to use the technology.


    Heo Duck-jin, head of the e-Biz services group at the Korea International Trade Association said "This seminar will be a good opportunity to learn how to utilize the latest ICT technology in business in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. KITA is planning to strengthen digital innovation support projects to increase the productivity of small and medium-sized enterprises and their advance into overseas.


    You can sign up for the seminar through the website of the Korea International Trade Association ( and videos will be also available on KITA’s online seminar service ( after each seminar is completed. 

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