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  • KITA Holds 'MERCOSUR Market Expansion Forum' on Feb 7, Wednesday

    KITA Holds 'MERCOSUR Market Expansion Forum' on Feb 7, Wednesday

    - The Korea-MERCOSUR, the largest economic bloc in South America, trade agreement negotiation is about to begin.


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim Young-joo) will host the 'MERCOSUR Market Expansion Forum' as the Korea-MERCOSUR (South American trade bloc) trade agreement negotiation is about to begin.


    MERCOSUR is the largest economic bloc in Latin America with four countries: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. It accounts for 70 percent of the Latin American population (260 million in 2017) and takes up 76 percent of GDP ($ 2.7 trillion in 2017). It is a promising market with high growth potential.


    The forum will be held at the Trade Tower in Samseong-dong, Seoul on February 7, Wednesday. The forum will share the effects of the trade agreement and negotiation issues. In addition, the officials from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay Embassies will introduce promising export and import sectors and support systems. Local marketing, logistics and legal experts will also make presentations on practical know-how for the companies entering the market.


    An official at the Korea International Trade Association stated, "The forum will provide useful information for Korean companies who want to enter into the Latin American market as it will also cover the political issues in each country, including the presidential elections in Brazil and Paraguay, and their future influences along with the trade agreements, economic and investment conditions.



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