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  • Korean Version of Time Square

    Korean Version of Time Square

    - KITA and Gangnam-gu jointly held the World Trade Center K-POP Square Groundbreaking Ceremony -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim In-ho) and Gangnam-gu (Director of the office, Shin Yeon-hee) jointly held a World Trade Center K-Pop Square Groundbreaking Ceremony on September 6 (Thursday) at the World Trade Center in Samseong-dong, Seoul, which was designated as the first free outdoor advertising zone in Korea.


    In the spaces designated as Free Outdoor Advertising Zone, advertising materials can be freely placed and create economic, social and cultural value added by eliminating the type, size, color and shape of the outdoor advertisement that have been strictly regulated.   

    Gangnam-gu was the first local government to build a plan in cooperation with the COEX MICE cluster, a consultative body of private companies in the special tourist zones, since the beginning of last year with the aim of creating
    the largest media art gallery in the world, which will outstrip the Times Square in New York and the public and private sectors have collaborated to make systematic preparations.


    In the World Trade Center K-POP Square, there will be a giant high-definition, light-emitting diode (LED) screen, which is the size of four basketball courts, on the outside wall of SMTOWN, the famous Hallyu tourist attraction, and a 5,000-square-meter open stage for K-POP related performances and events. The construction will be completed in the beginning of December this year and there will be a two-week test operation period. Afterwards, it will be opened in association with the New Year Countdown event of Youngdongdaero at the end of this December. The Korea International Trade Association and CJ Powercast made joint investment and Samsung Electronics and Yooho Construction and Development Co., LTD. are in charge of construction.

    The content to be placed on the ultra-large billboard after the completion of construction consists of 70 percent of commercial advertisement and 30 percent of public content. The public content will be filled with media art based on K-POP, and will provide a different pleasure to Korean as well as foreign tourists.


    The Korea International Trade Association has signed a business agreement with SM Entertainment last month for the early activation of K-POP Square, and has begun to produce special media content for the new Square. The events hosted by the K-POP stars will be broadcast live in the Square through the huge screen, and a number of K-POP stars will inform about the daily information, including time, weather, and date spots. In addition, there will be a special edition of music video that will be only viewed by the fans who actually visit the Square. Also, the organizers are working on experience-based media art that require citizens participation to create artworks with K-POP stars.



    Kim In-ho, chairman of the Korea International Trade Association, said in the groundbreaking ceremony "Through the K-POP Square, we will clearly show how the Korean version of Times Square is different from the streets of light in other cities that we have seen so far. He also added We will make the World Trade Center Seoul the world-famous business center with culture."

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