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  • K-Style Export Items Spread to the World with Korean Wave Fever

    K-Style Export Items Spread to the World with Korean Wave Fever


    -    KITA held the exhibition of export items in association with KCON 2017 LA -


    # "I like Korean idol singers songs, dances and everything. Naturally, I wanted to know the meaning of the lyrics of the songs. In order to understand them, I had to learn Korean, but I did not know what to do. So, every time when KCON took place in the United States, I persistently told the organizers that a Korean language education program is needed. When I found a Korean textbook called 'Korean made easy series' at this KCON 2017 LA convention, I was very happy as my dream came true! (An American girl who is a big fan of Korean idol singers, visiting KCON 2017 LA every year)


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim In-ho) held the exhibition of export items and consultation in association with the KCON 2017 LA hosted by the CJ E&M (CEO, Kim Sung-soo) at Los Angeles Convention Center in the United States for 4 days from August 18 to 21 (local time).



    The Korea International Trade Association held a sales promotion for 18 Korean small and medium-sized companies, including cosmetics, fashion accessories and educational content, targeting 85,000 devoted fans who participated in KCON 2017 LA. In addition, the association invited some 50 retail buyers and organized more than 150 one on one consultation meetings to support Korean companies to secure export contracts taking advantage of the Korean Wave (Hallyu) fever.


    CEO Lee Seung-hyun of Xian Company participated in this event and said We have developed mud facial mask targeting the American market, but we did not have any chance to test on the local consumers. He added We were able to be confident after experiencing the sold out of the entire samples in 2 days at this fair.   



    CEO Jung Kyu-do of Darakwon, who displayed Korean textbooks for foreigners at the event, said We were anxious about sending educational materials to the fair as we were not sure if our products would be suitable for the concept of the event. However, we experienced the Hallyu fans great interest in Korean language. He also stated that he was positive about entering into the American market in the future. 



    Meanwhile, for those who were not able take part in this fair, the Korea International Trade Association made efforts to promote the products through Kmall24, the overseas direct sales online shopping mall.



    Kim Jung-kwan, the vice-chairman of the Korea International Trade Association, stressed If the Korean small and medium-sized companies associate their overseas marketing activities with K-Content such as K-Pop, which is our valuable asset, it will bring a superior outcome compared to any other marketing strategies. He also mentioned The Korea International Trade Association will provide a full support to build a marketing platform for exports utilizing the Korean Wave (Hallyu)so that the Korean Wave fever will be able to lead the expansion of exports.

    49% of Small and Medium Exporters with Overseas Production Consider Expansion of Overseas Manufactur
    K-Style Export Items Spread to the World with Korean Wave Fever
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