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  • Many Chinese Big Buyers Participated in KITA’s Consultation Meeting


    Many Chinese Big Buyers Participated in KITA’s Consultation Meeting 

    - 40 China’s big buyers, including and Wangfujing Department Store took part in -


    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim In-ho) held the ‘Consultation Meeting by Inviting Buyers of Korea-China FTA Promising Items’ in Daegu and Seoul for two days on April 26 (Wednesday) and 28 (Friday) with a view to supporting Korean companies to make inroads into Chinese domestic market as well as increasing the use of the Korea-China free trade agreement.   



    Recently, small and medium-sized Korean exporters are struggling to export their products to China due to THAAD issue. Large number of China’s big retailers and e-commerce companies in food, cosmetics, fashion and beauty and baby and household products businesses participated in the event. 


    In addition to Wangfujing Department Store, which is one of China 's three major department stores, and, China’s second largest and the world’s fourth largest e-commerce platform operator, 40 officials from 29 potential buyers, including Goodwell, China' s largest grocery importer, and Kang Cheng Investment (China) Co., Ltd, which runs some 350 large general stores and Shanghai Feiniu E-commerce Co., Ltd, RT-Mart’s subsidiary B2C e-commerce company, visited Korea .



    On the other hand, some 200 Korean companies from cosmetics, beauty products, fashion items, creative products and health food industries participated in the event and carried out approximately 550 consultations.



    Li Meng Meng from the Merchandise Resource Department at Wangfujing Group Co., Ltd said "I am visiting Korea to purchase fashion items such as mufflers at this meeting. I am positively considering the purchase as Korean products are in good quality and meet the trends of Chinese consumers.



    CEO Wang Ling of Sichuan Sanliji Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd said "This meeting was a one-to-one consultation so that we were able to listen to the detailed explanations about the companies and products. It helped us to make purchasing decisions." He added Imports of some products such as cosmetics may be temporarily affected by the THAAD issue but we will continue to import Korean products."



    Lee Sang-il at KITA stated "It is important to continue the efforts of the private sector to help Korean companies make inroads into the Chinese domestic market in spite of the recent strained ties between Korea and China due to the THAAD issue." He also added Along with this consultation meeting, we are planning to actively support the Korean companies' advancement into the Chinese market by dispatching the Korea-China FTA trade facilitation teams and hosting the Guangdong Province/Shandong Economic Cooperation Forum and consulting meetings."

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