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  • KITA’s Chairman Kim In-ho gave lecture at Waseda University

    KITAs Chairman Kim In-ho gave lecture at Waseda University


    - Suggested the future vision of  co-prosperity of Korea-Japan in 21st century for the young intellectuals in the two countries -



    In order to cope with global changes, such as the United States America First policy and protectionism, Britain's brexit, and China's hegemonic tendency, Korea needs to narrow its distance from its nearest neighbor, Japan, and seek new partnerships .


    Chairman Kim In-ho of the Korea International Trade Association gave a lecture to some 200 students and staff members of Waseda University at the Ibuka Memorial Hall of Waseda University in the afternoon on April 18. The theme of the lecture was 'the perception and role of young intellectuals in Korea and Japan to pursue the mutual prosperity of the two countries in the 21st century.


    This lecture was designed to re-examine the bilateral relations that have been challenged by the history issues and to share the perception and role of the young intellectuals for the future-oriented cooperation.


    Chairman Kim In-ho recalled that Over the past 1,500 years, the two countries continued economic prosperity when we had mutually beneficial and cooperative relationship." He stressed Korea and Japan share ideals of democracy, market economy and international cooperation and it is necessary for the countries to cooperate with the economic integration toward the vision of the Korea-Japan Community to meet the demands for the East Asia economic bloc."


    In addition, as specific plans to realize the future vision for the shared prosperity of Korea and Japan in the 21st century, he suggested conclusion of the Korea-Japan FTA negotiations, industrial cooperation in medical healthcare industries, including high-tech materials, biopharmaceuticals and ICBM (Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobile) in response to the technology changes in the 4th Industrial Revolution and aging society, establishment of regular policy dialogue channels such as the resumption of the ministerial talks between Korea and Japan, and the expansion of private sector exchanges and cooperation.


    Finally, Chairman Kim concluded the lecture by emphasizing "The true partnership between Korea and Japan in the 21st century should be built by young people in both countries."

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