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  • Ask about Korea-China FTA at Anywhere!


    Ask about Korea-China FTA at Anywhere!


    - KITA held “Workshop for 2017 Local China Desk” -



    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim In-ho) held the "Workshop for 2017 Local China Desk" at the Trade Tower in Samseong-dong, Seoul on April 14.


    At this workshop, the coordinators of origin who will reside in the 'Local China Desk' situated in the 13 regional headquarters of the Korea International Trade Association attended. They received the required training and promised to support the local small and medium-sized companies to utilize the free trade agreement.


    * China Desk: An organization established to provide one-stop support for the trade industry to take advantage of the Korea-China FTA


    The Korea International Trade Association opened 'Local China Desks' in March last year in order to help local exporters in Korea to use the Korea-China free trade pact. From this year, the coordinators of origin will be located in the local desks to enhance the field service. The coordinators of origin will provide customized services ranging from the basic consultation regarding the free trade agreement to the services associated with the Seoul China Desk support project.


    Kim Sang-mo, head of the FTA Consulting and Support Department at KITA, said, "Considering the importance of the Chinese market to our country, we have set up a dedicated workforce so that the companies can easily receive consultation services and identify supporting projects whenever and wherever they want." He also stressed As this year marks the 3rd anniversary of the Korea-China FTA, we will support more companies to utilize the FTA to make inroads into China."

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